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Coco Cola beverage filling company lauched New soft drink bottle shape

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Coca-Cola, a 132-year-old beverage filling company, has been a marketing expert - from skirt-shaped arc-shaped bottles to lyrics bottles and last year's modern cans, Coca-Cola always tries to add extra value to bottles while selling drinks or memory.

Most recently, Coca-Cola is launching a city bottle package with regional characteristics. According to public reports, COFCO Coca-Cola, which is responsible for Coca-Cola's bottling operations in China, disclosed the latest developments in Coca-Cola - a new "modern new canister" featuring the city as the New Year approached.

The first Coca-Cola modern canister was launched in 2016 with its launch of the 200ml mini canister. Swire Beverages, the bottling plant in charge of Coca-Cola, attempted to upgrade the appearance and pattern of the cans through the modern canister and the mini-canopy. Subsequently, another COCO bottle filling plant also conducted a similar strategy to follow up.

In July last year, Coca-Cola launched a special edition Coke theme park with attractions in five cities in Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Kumamoto and Seto. The patterns on the bottles correspond to the representative landscapes of the destination and are only available in certain areas Sales, such as the bottle of "Tokyo" sold in Tokyo and central Japan, are dominated by Skyline, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and Shinjuku's high-rise buildings; the "Kumamoto" bottle sold in Kyushu is dominated by the famous Kumamoto Castle, Contains traces of the 2016 earthquake.

Modern can packaging has also tasted the benefits of tasty bottling companies, and modern cans are considered a highly successful move. The retail price of this single product in the market has risen by 20% compared with that of ordinary cans, and contributed to the increase of turnover in the original Swire (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Anhui and Henan provinces) only from January to September twenty two%.

After Swire Beverages restructured its Coca-Cola bottling business, it is easier to experiment with innovation in packaging. In December last year, Su Wei, Swire Beverages' executive director in China, said in an interview that "the Swire franchise franchised region now contains more developed regions in China. For example, consumers in these regions in East China and South China are more spending power, They are more receptive to new things, new tastes, new categories, and thus give us a good platform to try innovations and expand the beverage category. evertop machine has much confidence on soft drink filling machine manufacturing.


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