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Complete liquid filling machine manufacturing process introduction

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Have you ever thought a bottle of  water, a cup of juice, a glass of Coco Cola making process?  You must have been concerned about the safety of your drinks, or the nutritional ingredient. the secrets will appear soon.

Water drinks technical process:

Every process have the first flow as Pet material.  dehumidify, load machine, injection molding machine to Pet preform. then the bottle shape has been done.

Taking the PET preform to heat, stretch, blowing into the PET bottles.

After the bottles done, water purifying system will process the raw water by multistage centrifugal stainless pump, multi-medium filter, active carbon filter, sodium exchanger, micro filter, reverse osmosis, ozone generator, pure water tank, by water pump pouring into waching filling , capping, 3-in-1 machine, before the filling process, the finished bottles will be conveyored by bottle unscramble system.  then lamp cheker and auto sleeve shrink labeling machine into inkjet date printer to put the brand of the beverage in bottle labels. all bottled beverage conveyor to auto PE film pack shrinking machine.

Most liquids filling processes are same, they are different according to the liquid kinds, 

such as the juice filling process will have a whole system after water purifying like:

 Sugar have to be melt first in beverage pump, then filtered into mixing tank,  do this again, then screw pump again, do this process again, hten put the liquid into the sugar high temperature sterilizer and heat preservation tank successively.

Carbonated drinks filling process:

All process of carbonated drinks filling is same with the juice, only the carbon dioxide should have been added into the liquids between process of beverage mixer and process of water cooling tower.

As you can see below pictures:

Carbonated Drink Technical Process


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