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Eight steps Concern the Drinking Water Safety

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Drinking water safety  gets into the spotlight by public opinions once again as ever before.

Evertop-machine as one of the manufacturers of filling machinery show our attitude With "a drop of water purification journey", as a zero tolerance for food safety risk,  every drop of water through the filter net and strict inspection .it says “Rome wasn't built in a day“.Eight working procedures for evertop-machine  takes you one minute to understand the essence of themselves:


1.coarse filter,Filter out impurities such as the suspended solids in the water large particles,

2. Ultrafiltration ,Filter out the water colloid, tiny impurities and macromolecular organic compounds by reverse osmosis water machine . such as fecal coliform and colloidal silica.

3. Activated carbon filter .In chlorinated drinking water disinfection chlorine and organic matter in the water in the process of reaction generated by the THMS, can cause liver, kidney and intestinal tumor.So must remove residual chlorine and organic compounds.
4.UV sterilization. Using ultraviolet radiation damage the DNA of the bacteria to kill the bacteria and viruses and other organisms in the water, comprehensive disinfection sterilization, to prevent the bacteria or virus enters the body!Accuracy of  hollow fiber ultrafiltration machine is the key.

5. Security filters.Prevent activated carbon from entering the RO system to ensure the water filtration precision and protective film filtration components from being damaged.
6. Two-stage RO reverse osmosi.Remove the water calcium and magnesium content of plasma, prevent excessive ion stones from the body, at the same time remove the water soluble salts, microorganisms, nitrite and heavy metals and other impurities.
7. Ozone sterilization .Ozone sterilization can not only kill the bacteria in the water and microorganisms, as well as the bottles and caps you will have the effect of water treatment mahcine sterilization 
8. Terminal filter.Terminal filter before filling machine, highlight the last line of protection, filter aperture of impurity is greater than 3 m, to ensure that the final water quality pure, safe.

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