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Evertop juice filling machine went to Indonesia customer

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Fruit juice filling machine is always popular in Indonesia, this time, we shipped the lemon juice filling machine again, the customer visited our factory for business, he want to have a own plant in Indonesia, we helped him in factory design and machine offering.

At the business first, customer had much concern about Evertopmachine quality and our ability of handling commercial stuff. especially, is the trouble business is custom. but we satisfied him finally, he was happy because we make him felt easy in transmition. Above is the video from the customer, he shoot the video for us to testimonial our machine quality and service ability.

This is a whole machine of juice filling , include the lemon juice filling machine 3 in 1, labelling machine and bottle unscrambling. this are basically machine, we are did it well, he said, his plant has stable production volume so far, if there is no accident, he will visit us for another time in 2018,  according to his market prospectation, he will enlarge his factory, will purchase another fruit juice filling machine from us.

The machine characteristic as below:

This CGF Wash-filling-capping 3-in-1unit:Beverage Machinery is used to produce PET bottled juice and other non-gas beverage.

The CGF Wash-filling-capping 3-in-1unit:Beverage Machinery can finish all the process such as press bottle, filling and sealing.

It can reduce the materials and Outsiders touch time, improve the sanitary conditions, production capacity and economic efficiency.  

Main characters:

1) To change bottle shape, the operator only needs to replace the star-wheel, inlet bottle screw and arc guide plate

2) The parts contacting media are made from stainless steel and have no process blind angles to enable easy cleaning

3) Stainless steel bottle clip, the clip does not touch the bottle screw, the rinsing nozzle is “plum blossom” shape, so it can care each inch of the bottle.

4) This machine adopts micro negative pressure hot filling, has high filling accuracy.

5) Screw capping machine designed according to Italy technical, France technology.

6) The cap feeder has the function of protection cap, and also can test no cap status and process cap adding.

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