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Evertopmachine introduced a new fruit juice filling machine line

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Evertopmachine introduced a new fruit juice filling machine line  ,Automatic fruit juice beverage filling machine for the production of 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L capacity of bottled juice drinks, such as the market sales of fruit orange, blueberry drinks, this device combines the advantages of similar foreign companies similar products , Combined with customer's  specific national conditions, the technological transformation of the production of automatic washing, filling, capping 3-in-1 machine.

Fruit juice beverage filling machine from the duct to the bottle to the bottle plate, according to the shape of the bottle from the bottle to the bottle washing machine , folder bottle holding mechanism bottlenecks according to the washing machine rail operation to flip inside and outside the bottle Rinse, rinse and drain the filling bottle according to the shape of the bottle  to the filling machine, the bottle plate through the bottleneck in accordance with the filling operation guide to open the filling valve for filling, after filling And then through the plate through the card plate to the bottle to the capping machine, by the cap card plate to catch the bottleneck of the screw cap

Fruit juice filling machine manufacturer promoted  advanced technology with a number of card bottles, lack of bottles, cover, overload and other protection alarm device,also attaching reliable performance, process science, food hygiene conditions to meet the national standards for food hygiene, production of high degree of automation, easy to operate It is the ideal hot juice filling equipment for all kinds of hot fruit juice  filling plants .

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