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How is the Red Wine Filled ?

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Red wine is a kind of wine made from dark-colored grape varieties that Get the favour of many people ,since red wine is  fermentation from the grape  , so its smell is fragrant thick ,how to keep her smell of fragrance in filling process is a question .


In order to keep  fragrance , we adopt the sealing filling machine line, This machine applies magnetic force screw type sealing, realizing auto grasping cap, sealing. The sealing cap force can be adjusted.  It is new generation stainless steel spring washing clips and the clips do not contact the upside of bottle screw avoiding the second pollution. It can both clear the inside and the outside of the bottle. The filling precision under ±2-3%.

Reliable filling machine line suppliers will provide you with excellent machines and after-service .red wine filling machine should be professional than other beverages.


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