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Technological process of bottled water filling production line

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The bottle is transferred from the air through the road, then dial the starwheel bottle transferred to bottle washing machine of 3 in 1 filling machine . A bottle clamp is arranged on the turntable of the bottle washing machine, and the bottle clamp clamps the bottle mouth to overturn 180 DEG along a guide rail to make the bottle mouth is downward. In the specific area of the bottle washing machine, the bottle punching nozzle is used to eject bottle water, and the inner wall of the bottle is washed. After the bottle is rinsed and drained, it can be turned over 180 DEG along the guide rail under the clamp of the bottle to make the bottle mouth upwards. Wash the bottle through the bottle star wheel by exporting bottle machine and transmits it to the mineral water filling machine. The bottle entering the filling machine is stuck by the bottleneck plate and the bottle is raised under the action of the cam, and then the filling valve is opened by the bottle mouth. Filling adopts gravity filling method. After the filling valve is opened, the material fills the filling process through the filling valve. After the filling, the bottle mouth drops and leaves the filling valve. The bottle passes through the bottle neck transition wheel and enters the automatic capping machine. The stopper on the capping machine holds the bottle neck and keeps the bottle upright and prevents rotation. The capping head keeps revolution and rotation in the capping machine, grasp cover, sleeve cover, screw cap, cap off action under the action of the cam, complete the whole capping process. The finished product bottle is transferred from the capping machine to the bottle delivery chain through a bottle poking wheel,  the conveying chain.

(PET bottle) automatic bottle blowing machine conveying system 1 - > > (pure water), automatic capping machine sterile water - (Ping Gai) 1 - > automatic flushing machine, pressure filling machine, automatic capping machine, lamp inspection - > code printer - > 2 (material) - > the material - > automatic labeling machine, automatic outsourcing machine hot film collecting machine - > > (stacking and storage)


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