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The main features of automatic small water filling machine

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1,Bottle duct of entering adopts hanging card bottleneck way, the bottle speed and will not make the bottle deformation.

2, The applicable part of the bottle adjustment easy, simple and quick.

3, The concept of human friendly  design out of the touch screen, the operation is extremely convenient, can achieve man-machine dialogue operation.

4, In addition to the rack, the machine made of high quality stainless steel, running smoothly, no vibration, no dead ends, easy to clean.

5, A specialhigh-speed filling valve, liquid level without liquid loss, to achieve no bottle filling.

6, programmable logic controller PLC to achieve the entire production process of automation control, easy operation, high degree of automation.

7, Man-machine control system can achieve missing detection, production speed control, production count and card bottle stop and other functions.

8, Perfect overload protection device, can effectively protect the safety of operators and equipment.

9, The use of magnetic constant torque of the capping head device to ensure that the quality of the closure, and will not damage the cap.

10, automatic  small water filling machine with efficient cover system, with a sound control and protection devices.


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