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The structure characteristics of filling machine

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The design of the liquid filling machine is very reasonable and proper. The mechanical reminding is very small and the operation is very simple. The internal liquid filling machinery, pneumatic parts using the new type of pneumatic components; the piston and the cylinder are made of Teflon and stainless steel manufacturing, meet the test requirement of GMP; the number of filling and filling speed can be easily adjusted, a higher degree of precision.

Liquid filling machine according to the actual production needs transformation, will be transformed into long form, form and form the explosion-proof overflow system, suitable for use in food, daily necessities and pesticide industries, with broad prospects.

Liquid filling machinery is the filling in the bottle under the pressure of atmospheric pressure:

1, a wide variety of packaging machines, classification methods are many. From a different point of view can be a variety of products according to the state of the sub, there are liquid, block, and granular packaging machine.

2 of packaging equipment, liquid filling machine is packing liquid products, such as dairy products, beverage filling machine, filling machine, viscous liquid food packaging machine, liquid cleaning supplies and personal care packaging machine, belonging to the category of liquid packaging machine. Because the liquid product variety, liquid product packaging machine has many types and forms, which is used for liquid packaging machine packaging of liquid food is technically more demanding, sterile, health and safety is a basic requirement for liquid food packaging machine.


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