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Two Kinds Filling Ways of Fruit Juice and Hot Tea

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Since the strictly requirements of production of fruit juice, tea beverage process, from the perspective of  PET bottle filling process technology, production line operation, drink quality, a comprehensive comparison, the selection of hot filling process is more economical and reliable.  Hot filling requires Juice, tea beverage UHT instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization maintained at a fixed value between 85 ℃ ~ 95 ℃ in a very short period of time filling, it is a kind  high temperature filling. Generally carbonated gas drinks filling mostly positioning or quantitative type, the material from the bottle there is always a certain distance. The juice, tea drinks, especially the original flavor of the original beverage production, requiring full mouth filling material which has been filling the bottle full mouth, so that very little residual air bottle, to ensure that the drink itself is not easily oxidized, which can make the beverage long-term Maintain its quality. As the hot filling to have high temperature filling, filling the full mouth of the function, which requires an automatic circulation system for easy circulation of low-temperature material heating and CIP cycle cleaning.

Filling technology Structural features Features:

Reflow control function. Evertop designed hot filling machine material with filling port is the lowest part of the spool, the exhaust passage is the valve spool of the external return passage, exhaust and into the liquid each way, during filling , The discharge of the air in the bottle will not hinder the flow rate of the material and avoids the uniformity of the filling of each valve due to the exhaust gas so as to ensure that there is no material backflow during the filling process and the backflow of the material after filling the bottle is also easily controlled.

Automatic cycle function. According to the hot filling beverage production process requirements, hot filling machine before and after the boot, or stop the middle of the beverage tank caused by the temperature drop, it is necessary to heat up, set the temperature can be refilled into a drink, on the other hand, juice , Continuous production of tea drinks more than a period of time, or when switching shifts must be recycled material channel cleaning. Therefore, hot filling machine should have a perfect automatic circulation system. Zhangjiagang Jun Branch Machinery Co., Ltd. hot filling machine has a perfect circulation system: the material filling tank --- filling valve --- container --- return channel --- back to feed cylinder - low cylinder - - Pump --- cooler --- UHT balance tank

When the filling machine filling cylinder temperature is lower than the filling set temperature, along the above-mentioned circulation system; when the incoming material below the filling temperature set point, the three-way solenoid valve automatically commutated, incoming direct cooling After, back to the UHT balance tank, bactericidal, get the set temperature filling.


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