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What are the carbonated drink mixing machine applications and advantages?

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The carbonated drink mixing machine produced by Evertop in latest technology can be used into mix the sauce. The mixer is mainly suitable for a variety of carbonated drinks mixed processing, 

Beverage mixer machine features:

1, Made in excellent stainless steel material, refined processing. Where contact with the liquid parts (such as containers, pipes, etc.) are made of high-quality low-carbon stainless steel, polished both inside and outside the surface, it is completely in comformity with international food hygiene standards.

2, The beverage mixer is fully automatic with alarm. PLC controls the entire process of production and operation. The inisde pressure of the tank , liquid level, etc. are automatically adjusted.  In case of failure  it will alarm and shut down automatically and will start after resetting automatically.

3, Easy to operate and adjust. the operation of the machine is particularly convenient, as long as the rotary knob is rotated according to the prescribed procedures, the normal operation can be realized,  the production capacity, the ratio of water to sugar and the gas content can be easily adjusted without any replacement of spare parts.

4, Beverage mix well-balanced and ratio is precise with the standard. As a result of a mixing of advanced technology, so the mixing ratio of water and sugar from the needle valve with a fine control strictly。 the accuracy of up to about 5‰.

5, Gas content enough. The carbonated beverage mixer adopts vacuum deoxygenation at room temperature, deoxidation rate of 90% or more, and equipped with a plate heat exchanger to cool the mixture of sugar water after the second carbonation, so the gas content is deoxygenation particularly high.

6, Self-cleaning ability. This machine is equipped with an in-situ cleaning device for automatic cleaning and disinfection of the interior of the mixer and filling machine without disassembling any of the parts (container-type piping). The beverage produced by this machine has a bacterial proliferation rate of <5% , E. coli is zero, in conformity with international food hygiene standards.



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