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what factor effect the filling machine speed ?

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Filling machine performance is the important factor to the production volume , then what determined the speed of the filling machine ?

1,Accuracy of the filling volume ,If the requirement of the filling is high ,then the speed will be slow homologous,otherwise be quickly.

2,filling volume,  the bottle volume is as large as the filling volume ,the single filling time will increase , finally the speed will be reduced.

3, the Bubble velocity of products ,We should slow filling speed of high foam products.

4 ,filling speed ,It depends on the size of the filling head and filling nozzle diameter, the bigger the diameter of the filling head the faster of filling speed.

5,Suction feeding speed;

It mainly depends on the viscosity of the product, liquid: the length of the drain pipe.Paste: the capacity of the hopper content material. For filling speed adjustment method: adjust the filling speed, adjust the flow valve and filling distance time, adjust the throttle valve, clockwise adjustment is slow, counterclockwise is fast, adjust the appropriate speed will be locked after the end of the tightening.

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