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Why choose the fully automatic filling machine than semi-auto one?

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Fully Automatic liquid filling machineimproved design, on the basis of original filling machine series products , and added some additional functionality.Make sure the product operation, accuracy, machine adjustment, equipment cleaning and maintenance easier and more convenient than ever .Widely used in household chemicals ,  such as the oil industry, different high viscosity fluid filling can be accepted to fill .Machine design is compact with beautiful appearance . adjustment is convenient as we said.

Semi-automatic liquid filling machine adopts single head plunger quantitative filling device, the machine is supported by setting piston movement distance material ration, at the same time in measuring range according to different filling quantity do any adjustment. With the features of easy operation, quantitative discharging  accurate measurement, simple structure. the semi-automatic filling machine made of  stainless steel material, conform to the requirements of the health food, medicine production.  Widely applied into daily chemical, medicine, food, chemical and other industries of paste, liquid quantitative filling, used for sealing tube filling the quantitative too.

Many bottling filling machine suppliers from China offer fully automatic filling machine since the high production efficiency . 

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