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10L Bottle Water Filling Machine 10L Bottle Water Filling Machine

10L Bottle Water Filling Machine is mainly used for liquid (water, wine etc.) filling.
One machine can carry out washing, filling and capping process.
The machine adopts filling with normal temperature and normal pressure.
The special filling valve makes the filling speed fast and the liquid level controller ensures the filling level correct.
The machine adopts frequency control and PLC control.
It's suitable for plastic bottles

  • 304/316 Stainless steel
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  • Model: XGF
  • Brand: EVERTOP
  • Code: 8422301090
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10L Bottle Water Filling Machine

Production description:

This 10L water bottlling machine is mainly used for liquid (water, wine etc.) filling, which concentrates disinfection rinsing, filling, capping together, which features of moderate production capacity, simple structure, and easy operation.

In the rinsing, filling and capping process, the bottles are transferred by bottom-hanging, which realizes contactless with the bottle screw. This avoids second pollution to the material.


It adopts magnetic torque capping head, high efficiency and low reject ration.

Cap unscrambling and feeding unit will take out the reversed caps automatically.

No bottle no filling, no bottle no capping. Once the caps are lack, the machine will stop automatically.

The machine is controlled by PLC and HMI. It is easy for operation and maintenance.

All the electrical parts and pneumatic parts are from world famous manufacturers.

Technical parameters:

Production Capacity(B/H)


Filling Volume


Bottle Material

All shapes of HDPE, PP, PET Plastic bottles

Filling Precision


Gas Source Pressure


Air Consumption


Washing Water Consumption




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