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Can Depalletizer Can Depalletizer

This depalletizer machine removes cans or bottles from pallet and automatically delivered to the production line, the machine consists of front and rear output stack platform to lift platform, by the automatic scraper device and cylinder to before and after blocking the upper bottle, clamped plastic pallets, by an electric push the bottle to bottle storage units, each plastic plate removed by the operator, de-palletizers lift motor controlled by a brake motor, unexpected power failure has self-locking function. The machine structure is made of stainless steel 304 production (including lost crib, bottle storage platform automatically stacked pallets and electrical control box). Controlled part by the PLC, photoelectric conversion integrated.

  • 304/316 Stainless steel
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  • Model: XG
  • Brand: EVERTOP
  • Code: 8422301090
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Can Depalletizer

Product description:

First, the entire stack from the truck to unloaded cans or glass bottles on the input platform, and then by conveyor chain unpack platform, on the unpack platform, operator lifting straps and thin film of stacks, and finally the bottle conveyor chain will deliver the unpacked stacks on the platform to the bottom pile. Host platform lifting mechanism will enter the bottom of the can/bottle and the can/bottle stack with lifting platform raised to a predetermined height, after unloading layer separator device stack with vacuum cups on the bottle " layer separator " sucked up and sent in the host next " layer separator " to a small car, driven by a gear motor car will be transported " layer separator " to " layer separator " recovery zone, while the can/glass bottle out device clamps the can/bottle tightly, the drive motor will drive the can/bottle out device to the direction of the conveying platform; subsequent release mechanism out of the can/bottle and can/bottles unloaded onto the can/bottle conveying platform. After unloading, can/bottles will move forward by the conveyor plate of the can/bottle conveying platform. 

Working principle:

A layer of can/bottles emptied after the lifting mechanism in accordance with the host's default can/bottle high rise layer, and then discharge the next level, to complete the entire can/bottle stack unloading work. The entire stack of can/bottles emptied after the lifting mechanism will be "empty tray" fall to the bottom platform, and then the "empty tray" will be delivered to the "empty tray" collecting table, at the same time bottom platform is ready to accept a stack from unpacking platform. Empty tray collecting table comes with a Itakura machine, by Itakura machine "empty tray" stacked up, stacked to a certain number from the truck to the "empty tray” fork go, “layer separator" transport trolley each received two, “layer separator" run once "Spacer layer" lifting mechanism is placed in the lifting platform of the "empty tray" raised to a predetermined height, placing several pieces of "spacer layer", the lifting platform reduces certain height, and then collect the same number of "spacer layer", cycle is complete "layer separator" the collection. When lifting platform falls below a predetermined lower limit. After the above process is complete, remove the entire stack of cans/bottles.


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